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Register and Rent a Shop

  • Create an account with Outlet Mallz to register as a vendor. Vendors who register with us must be able to sell worldwide..
  • The rental shops with Outlet Mallz are available in six months blocks and at less than 10 dollars per month.
  • With us, you can rent a shop at $50 for a six months lease and $100 for a year

Terms and Conditions

Please note that:

  • No vendor is obligated to multiple blocks on our website
  • You can choose the category/aisle you want to be listed on
  • You can get one block per company and category
  • All the vendors are allowed to sell only one vendor product. If you get caught selling two or more different vendors products under 1 account you will automatically be banned from the site and no refund will be provided


Once you start selling via Outlet Mallz, your payments will go to you right away. This allows you to keep track of your sales and profits.

Massive Market Reach and Amazing Growth

With Outlet Mallz, vendors have the perfect opportunity to grow their business and sell their products to millions of potential customers. Simply rent a shop and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions by Vendors

1. How Can I Pay To Reserve a Spot?

You can pay via PayPal or Visa, whichever mode of payment is convenient to you.

2. Can two vendors of the same company register with outlet Mallz at the same time?

YES  . As long as they choose a different category than the other vendor of the same company. If that vendor of the same company already renting that category you wish to use then you will need to wait till the vendor rental is up

3. How can customers interact with vendors in case they have queries?

They can use the Food Court forum to interact with vendors.

4. If I want to cancel before six months, will I get a refund?

Once booked in a six month or 1 year lease agreement, refunds are not applicable if you decide to cancel at any point.

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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